Them Bloggin’ Boys

Dr. Bobby Welch really shouldn’t mess with bloggers.

Welch said he’d been wondering about Southern Baptists and that if “we’d spend less time on these websites that we’d be able to spend more time witnessing?

“Do you think if we spent less time blogging we might have more time to do some baptizing?

“Do you think if we spent less time fumbling around with those computers we might have more converts?”

Welch advised the crowd not to gloat that he’s chiding “them bloggin’ boys. Why, you run around with that wireless telephone up in your ear all day long like a pacifier.

“You think if we’d spend less time with those wireless telephones and more time on the street we wouldn’t win more people to Jesus?”

Now, of course, I said that somewhat jokingly, mainly because I know that Albert Mohler blogs, as does Russell Moore. Come to think of it, so does Morris Chapman. And I’m certain that Brother Bobby probably wouldn’t mind my blog, but who knows. All in all, he has a good point–we can’t just sit around and blog, whether it be to uplift or criticize. We need to be hitting the streets, even if it means we lose some of our readership. Preach it brother!

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  1. Veronika says:

    Bobby’s right. We can’t sit around and “preach” things, and leave the rest to “others.” It’s not right for us to tell people to “take the initiative,” & “be a strong witness for Christ,” when we ourselves are lounging in our chairs NOT doing it ourselves.

    Good point, and great post. Keep blogging, but also keep pressing on! =)

  2. Veronika says:

    Oops, made a mistake with that link up there. It’s fixed now. =P Heehee

  3. Yes but them blogging boys are against abstinence. In the minds of many misguided southern baptists, this means they are trying to force people to drink alcohol.

    It’s okay to watch football and go shopping, but blogging… that impedes evangelism.

  4. Josh Dasher says:

    Hello Tim, it is really great what you are doing. I am very impressed by some of the high quality blogs I stumbled upon through Regenerating our Culture.
    And while I certainly agree to a point, at the same time blogging is a great way to get out a message. And I think that a lot of people can use it for that purpose.

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