Forgetting The Lost

Missions must ring within every believer – a cry for the dying souls must be found within the heart of every Christian. How can a he live his life each and every day without feeling some sense of fear for his fellow man? How can a Christian pass a stranger without warning him that he may be that very day … Read More

Humility isn’t something that comes naturally for anyone, although it certainly does seem to be easier for others to display. I am certainly not one of those lucky few. In fact as I sat down this morning to read Growing Up Christian I took at small test to see where I stood and ended up right where I thought I … Read More

The Terrorists In Your Neighborhood

I didn’t know. I really didn’t know. On a side note, I’ve been gone because of work and beginning school – and doing planning and dealing with bad internet connection. I’m praying about the future of the blog right now, and I hope that you will do the same. You can begin ranting in the comments now…(after you click on … Read More


The ever popular McDonalds fast food restaurant is now joining up with Yourself Fitness in what appears to be a paradox effort. While most remember fast food restaurants as greasy, unhealthy places where people who don’t worry about their weight eat, that is quickly changing as fast-food restaurants pick up on the market of weight loss. You can now join … Read More

Each time one visits a grocery store, they probably dread two things. One is not being able to find what you need, and the second is a bratty kid screaming at the top of their lungs while you try to peacefully select your groceries. Those days may be over. The semi-popular Publix grocery store is now testing the TV Kart, … Read More

Writing, Rap, And Our Nation

You must listen in. Or else. Now, here’s the question for you: is rap good, bad, or in between? Is Christian rap an oxymoron? Then listen to the Square Talk Podcast again.