The ever popular McDonalds fast food restaurant is now joining up with Yourself Fitness in what appears to be a paradox effort. While most remember fast food restaurants as greasy, unhealthy places where people who don’t worry about their weight eat, that is quickly changing as fast-food restaurants pick up on the market of weight loss.

You can now join your own personal trainer Maya on DVD simply by buying the McDonalds Adult Kids meal, once again, another paradox. These 15-minute DVD’s include “Yoga,” “Cardio,” “Core,” and “Strength.” These DVD’s are also available in game format for Playstation 2, PC, and Xbox. noted “”unlike a Body Combat session at the local gym, no two workouts will be the same. Each day Maya builds an individual routine based on the users progress and commitment level… Avoiding the smell of sweat and visions of sticks on treadmills users are able to workout on an island or in an Alpine Retreat.”

Raving reviews like this one have emerged from the The Sun to the Chicago Sun-Times to the Time Magazine to Wired Online.

1. She assesses your current level of fitness
2. She identifies areas where you need work and helps you set realistic fitness goals..
3. Then Maya builds a work out program customized just for you.. and leads you through your program on a schedule and at a pace that is right for you.
4. Over time, Maya will adapt your program to your increasing fitness level

The program also boasts these other features:

• over 500 exercises
• a complete fitness analysis
• personalized goal setting
• customized meal planner with over 4500 recipes
• a fitness commitment calendar
• six workout environments
• multiple music options
• over 200 health and fitness tips from Prevention Magazine
• a responsive trainer who adapts to how you feel on any given day and provides encouragement on those days where you are feeling unmotivated.
But the question remains for those of us who are looking at where this is coming from: McDonalds, the king of junk food. The paradox is really quite funny. But perhaps this is a good thing. Perhaps people are buying more salads, which I wouldn’t ever try at McDonalds (who knows where they’ve been.) Maybe people are truly starting a war on obesity, which is wonderful. Perhaps the death of life hasn’t come yet.

But I doubt Maya at Mickey D’s is going to do much. But it was a nice thought.

7 responses to “McFitness”

  1. I loved this article…It was so funny! I`ll be adding your link to my blog 😉

  2. walker says:

    Hehe, that was humorous 🙂

  3. Palmboy says:

    Why is it so strange that McDonalds would want to keep healthy customers? Or try to kill the unfair image that has been put around it, of fattening America. Its not fast food places of America that have made us a heavy nation, its the individuals who eat the food.

  4. Agent Tim says:

    Palm Boy,
    The point is this: it’s funny that a place where people usually go to be fattened would have diet toys. I work in fast food, and I know that if you’re worried about the calories or whatever, you shouldn’t be eating there!

  5. Veronika says:

    Oh my word, this getting so ridiculous!! Funny, but ridiculous! 😀

  6. Kaitlin says:

    Whatever in the world will they think of next?!?! Crazy, crazy, crazy!

  7. Dewaine says:

    Agent Tim,
    The problem with people eating more salads from Micky D’s is this: that some of those salads are just as, if not more, fattening than the burgers. What’s not there in the calories and fat is made up with sugar and sodium.

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