A Wish To Write

If only I could write, yet my time this week will be spent learning to speak at the Communicators for Christ conference here in Maryland. I will also be using my time to work on some very exciting projects that you will probably hear about in the near future, and some that you won’t hear about for a long time. … Read More

Persecution: Where Is It?

Last night was scary – I mean, I was really, really scared. I was with some of my youth group, and we were out at a football field, all wearing cool matching shirts that said “Servant Life” on them doing what we have all been called to do – share the gospel. We decided to do what we had done … Read More

Different By Design Part 2

Since the beginning of time we have seen and observed that Satan particularly hates everything that has been established by God. He is out to destroy all boundaries, rules, and regulations by lying to each and every one of us. His lie is one where boundaries are bad, the rules are too restrictive, and the regulations just too much. Yet … Read More

Different By Design Part 1

“Almost without notice, our homes and churches have become the newest laboratory for sex-role experimentation. Lured by the world’s acceptance and a national obsession with fairness, we’ve replaced the once-clear biblical boundaries between men and women with a confusing, frighteningly secular hybrid. The harmony and effectiveness we were promised never came – only a treacherous rift that is ruining marriages, … Read More

Agent Tim In WORLD

The Rebelution, Jonathan McCarthy (is he related to Chris?), Tim Sweetman, Kiersten Paulino, and our favorite commenter Robert Wood (Palm Boy) were all featured in the latest issue of WORLD magazine. Jessica McCaleb did a fantastic job of highlighting some of these teen blogs, and all of us appreciate the “publicity.” For those visiting from the WORLD article, I would … Read More

Praying For David Ludwig?

Last night I had the wildest thought and feeling – I felt sorry for a killer. I felt a need to pray for him, his family, those he affected, and most importantly for his soul. This killer was David Ludwig, my ever-popular example for teens gone bad. His actions, killing his 14-year-old girlfriend’s parents in cold blood, should have been … Read More

Listen to my prayer, O God, do not ignore my plea; hear me and answer me. My thoughts trouble me and I am distraught at the voice of the enemy, at the stares of the wicked; for they bring down suffering upon me and revile me in their anger. My heart is in anguish within me; the terrors of death … Read More

Time To Be Holy

Our Christianity in America suffers from a severe case of mediocrity – it is an inactive, lethargic and pathetic Christianity. Today, Christians have decided to sit on the fence, to become acceptable to the culture surrounding them. Instead of being in the world, Christians have become “one” with the world. Christians have been called to be “dead to sin” and … Read More

You Tube, You Witness

As many of you know, I am not a big fan of MySpace. I find it to be a site not really worth wasting time on – and that’s saying the least. I don’t believe it’s a place for friends, and it’s not really a place where Christian teens should be spending their time. I think it should be as … Read More

I have high and lofty goals for this website, some which have been discarded or just haven’t even come close to being met. But I have one large goal that I believe everyone will benefit from. In fact, it will make your life easier, and it will make me happy. Here is what you need to do. First, look on … Read More