A Wish To Write

If only I could write, yet my time this week will be spent learning to speak at the Communicators for Christ conference here in Maryland. I will also be using my time to work on some very exciting projects that you will probably hear about in the near future, and some that you won’t hear about for a long time. But hopefully I will be able to get back to my series on marriage without any sudden interruptions.

I’m looking forward to meeting fellow blogger and writer Karen Kovaka in the next two days, and perhaps I’ll recap on the CFC conference. But between school, church, and frantically finishing my CFC homework and recording some audio, I’m not sure. But I want to point you to Regenerate Our Culture, especially it’s network, which hopefully will get a facelift (including a clean-up of the featured blogs) and it will be even better than it is now – which will be amazing, since it’s already fantastic right now. So, head on over today.

4 responses to “A Wish To Write”

  1. Well hope you have fun, Tim.

  2. Hey Tim, That’s the struggle that most writers have, balancing all that comes with it. You’re doing a great job.

    Suzanne Eller

  3. Moriah Strickland says:

    Wow! sounds like you have alot going. I’ll be praying for you.

  4. Narie says:

    If anyone’s interested… I put a post up about why we should not have images of Christ…

    Have fun, Tim! I have a lot of friends who were in NCFCA, and they LOVED it!

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