Different By Design Part 2

Since the beginning of time we have seen and observed that Satan particularly hates everything that has been established by God. He is out to destroy all boundaries, rules, and regulations by lying to each and every one of us. His lie is one where boundaries are bad, the rules are too restrictive, and the regulations just too much. Yet these guidelines that have been established by God are for your good. His plan is a perfect plan.

At the beginning of creation, we see Adam and Eve, the perfect couple, living out their proper roles correctly and showing us God’s perfect plan for men and women. Adam was the leader, accountable to God. Eve was Adam’s perfect companion, and spiritual equal. But she was his physical helper, not his physical equal. This is clearly seen in Genesis and will be discussed in more detail later on in the series.

Satan did not want this perfect plan put into place by God
(try saying that five times fast), and attacked one of his favorite targets – the family. We see very early on that he approaches Eve first, disregarding God’s design – Adam was the leader, not Eve.

“She persuaded…Adam to commit the same sin, thereby making Satan’s attack on Adam’s hardship a success.” (MacArthur, pg. 21)

John MacArthur points out that not only did Eve break the command to not eat the forbidden fruit, but she also disobeyed by failing to consult Adam, the leader, about this temptation. Adam in turn sinned in the same way by “succumbing to Eve’s usurpation of his leadership.”

Since this twisting of God’s plan, marriage has never been the same. The result of their sin came in four ways: death, pain in childbearing, strenuous work, and strife in marriage.

“I believe [the strife] aspect of the curse predicts marital strife brought on by a husband’s oppressive rule over he wife,” says MacArthur, “and a wife’s desire to dominate and lead their relationship.”

Interestingly enough, MacArthur points out that the word “desire”
mentioned in Genesis 3:16 (“Your desire shall be for your husband”) is the same word used later on when God tells Cain that “Sin desires to control you.” Genesis 3:16 could be translated “Your desire will be to control your husband, but he will rule over you.”

Henceforth, feminism and male chauvinism were born
– two unredeemed and unregenerate beings “self-preoccupied and self-serving” being placed together. Without Christ and the Holy Spirit – without an admittance of sin and repentance of that sin, along with faith in Christ, no relationship will be restored to it’s original order and harmony.

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  2. Keith M. says:

    Hey Good post tim! I agree fully, what you said really shows how big of a downfall Adam and Eve took after the Garden of Eden. 🙂

  3. Hey Tim great post. Yeah I have seen woman trying to rule over there husbands. It disgust me too when I see passive husbands giving in to what there wife always wants.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is a great subject and John MacArthur is a wonderful author!
    I agree with the fact that a wife is to submit to her husbands leadership. I have heard people jokingly say “The husband might be the head of the house, but the wife is the neck and can turn the head whatever way she wants.” I pesonally think that it is not something to joke about because it is somthing this world stuggles with. We all to often see difficulties in marrige that happen because of a wife not submitting to her husband.

    I do have a question though,is there a point in a marrige were a husband can abuse his athority? Should the wife still obey?

  5. Marty Duren says:

    I had the opportunity to meet you brother and see your grandfather again earlier this week. They were, as you know, at the Executive Committee meeting in Nashvegas.

    Hope you guys are all doing well.

  6. hey, i saw your blog in world magazine, and decided to check it out. your doing a great job….i like the articles. :yep:

  7. Andrew says:

    Hey, quick question about the Hebrew in Genesis. According to a scholar that I know, the Hebrew word for helper is ezer. He then told me that it is used 17 more times in the OT, each time referring only to God. Could you help me understand how a word that places Eve inferior to Adam can also be used to refer to God’s relationship to us?

  8. Andrew says:

    I should also point out that the scholar I refer to has a great deal of knowledge concerning Hebrew and Greek. So I consider his finidings to be valid unless presented with a counter, and then I’ll weigh the two.

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  10. Tim says:

    For some reason I didn’t see your comment. From what I’m seeing just from your comment, could it be that we are “lower” than God? We are finite, He is infinite. We are sinful, He is holy. So, we are “inferior” to Him. I’d have to study it much further, but that is an interesting question.

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  12. A different view says:

    I agree that there are sex-based differences between men and women. (Obviously, a woman’s ability to build a baby in her womb and to give birth is a biggie, but there are plenty of other sex-based differences.)

    But here’s the flip side: We tend to focus so much on the differences (and perhaps exaggerate them) that we forget that men and women have far more in common than not. We are more alike than we are different. After all, we are all members of the human race.

    Just like you boys, girls have hopes and dreams and ambitions and talents that they want to use. And those hopes and dreams and ambitions are not necessarily that different from yours. Sometimes it can center around homemaking, but often it may be to compete in the Olympics or conduct scientific research that might cure a disease or to make a film or to honor God in the same multitide of ways that are available to men. Why would God want to put these talents of half the human race in a teeny little box centered around the home while giving men the whole world to roam?

    It’s easy to blithely quote Bible verses about submission when they don’t apply to you. It’s also easy to look at girls as being SO different from you that they need to put in their place. Chris’s comment saddens me in particular: “It disgust me too when I see passive husbands giving in to what there wife always wants.” It is sad to view marriage as a power struggle in which someone must submit, and a husband is seen as “giving in” if his wife gets what she wants. Marriage can be a lot more than that, but it helps if both husband and wife view each other as fully human, with similar needs and drives, rather than members of alien species.

    After all, the key thing all human beings need is respect.

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