Praying For David Ludwig?

Last night I had the wildest thought and feeling
– I felt sorry for a killer. I felt a need to pray for him, his family, those he affected, and most importantly for his soul. This killer was David Ludwig, my ever-popular example for teens gone bad. His actions, killing his 14-year-old girlfriend’s parents in cold blood, should have been punished by death, yet I believe he probably received a sentence far worse – a life sentence thinking about his crime and surviving prison life.

His evil words of “It was an intentional murder, I intended to shoot them, and I did” still makes my blood boil, and saddens me, hurts me. How can anyone be so evil, so disgusting, so depraved. Then I remembered what I wrote back in November.

It’s a story of two teens who were called normal, homeschooled, and Christians. It’s a story that shows us that we cannot at any time say we aren’t that bad. We are all capable of grabbing a gun and shooting anyone. It’s just another example of the sinful nature of man. We cannot avoid the fact that we all are sinners. Man is not naturally good. These stories show us that fact over and over again. They reveal the sinfulness of man, and the holiness of God.

I then realized that I needed to pray for this fellow sinner
. I saw him in his cell, teary-eyed, cold, broken, and alone. And I saw his need for the true gospel which it sounds like he never really heard. I understood that it’s only by God’s grace that I am not there sitting beside David -a killer, a murderer.

Once again it struck me – we’re not only all sinners like David, but we’re all murderers at heart. We’ve all hated – and in God’s courtroom we’re in huge trouble. Yet there is the beautiful, shining gospel.

I hope that you will pray for David Ludwig today.

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  1. RC says:

    I always try to see what you have written, and I always read them, but cannot leave a comment. Most probably I will be labeled very quickly, and criticized and judged. Some may even disregard me completely.
    I am an evangelical from the Middle East, but the latest war on Lebanon split the Middle Eastern Evangelicals and Baptists from those living in the West.
    I read your post having in mind the “terrorists” who are defending their right to live in Lebanon. If this young person who willingly killed an innocent family, and you are asking for prayer, how much do the so-called terrorists need those prayers?

    “I then realized that I needed to pray for these fellow sinners (and terrorists)”
    “I then realized that I needed to pray for (the muslims). And I saw their need for the true gospel which it sounds like they never really heard”

    Once again it struck me – we’re not only all sinners like David (or the terrorists), but we’re all murderers at heart.

    Is this applicable to “them” as it was to David?

  2. David Ketter says:

    Interestingly enough, I was led to pray last night to…that, in remembering the past – the pain, the hurt, etc. (generally, mind you), we would come to further know the steadfast love of God (Psalm 52). Amazing how God brings us together to pray for His creation!

  3. MVB says:

    Hey Tim! I saw the article about your site in World Magazine-

    Pretty cool!

  4. Palm Boy says:

    If justice had been followed in this world, we wouldn’t be praying for this murduer, he would have been sentanced to death. As it is, a miscarriage of justice has occoured, and now we’re supposed to pray for him? He’s already been granted more mercy then one can expect from Man, and if he wants more mercy, he should be talking to God.

    And RC, I compleatly ditto your comment.

  5. David Ketter says:

    Do you not know that love may cover a multitude of sins?

  6. As I read this post it moved me. Every time I thought of this guy I got really hot headed. But you showed me that I would be there to if it weren’t for the gospel. Just because your from a ‘homeschool Christain family’ doesn’t mean your perfect. Thanks!

  7. Palm Boy says:

    Love may cover a multitude of sins, but it is not the courts job to love, it is the job of the courts to administer justice, which in this case would have Ludwig dead.
    If the families of the victiems want to love and forgive this murder, then let them.
    And he can still recieve Christ’s love if he wishes, and he’ll be around for years to make that descion, but he has already received more mercy then anyone should recieve from the justice system.

  8. Chris McCarthy says:

    Palm Boy, Yeah I agree with you on him not getting complete Justice. I am just praying that he will see that he neads Christ in his life.

  9. John says:

    Yea, David Ludwig needs my prayers too. I agree that man is not good by nature, it is that he has to will himself to be good. So a lot of prayers and self examinations and self evaluation is required. What is happening in Lebanon and the middle-east is terrible, because of the lack of understanding among people.

  10. David Ketter says:

    As Tim said in an earlier article, Ludwig will live with the brutal consequences of what he has done in misery. Death is what he wanted and it would have only served to harden his heart. True justice would demand that his life be taken from him…as it would my own life, and your’s and Chris’, and Tim’s…the fact is that I would rather Ludwig learn what it is to be remorseful than to go to death without any sense of repentance.

  11. But now with this punishment he has to suffer with the consiquences, like Tim said. But there is still hope for his life. We don’t want him to suffer in jail all his life and THAN suffer in hell for eternity. We need to also pray that somehow the Lord will bring the gospel message to him.

  12. Keith McCarthy says:

    Yeah, I agree…we should pray for those who have hurt others. One good thing is, is that David Ludwig is probably feeling awful about himself, and he well knows that he has a sin problem (which all of us have). Now that he sees the power of sin he may be looking for an answer to this life, maybe, by God’s grace, he will find the answer. We should pray he does.

  13. Cameron Schmahl says:

    This post really opened my eyes, as to how by God’s grace I am not sitting there right next to David. As I was thinking about what you wrote, I prayed for David. I prayed that someone or something might cross his path and bring him to Christ.

  14. Lydia T. says:

    Yes, it is a shame that David did not receive the punishment he deserved, but we should still pray that his eyes would be opened while there’s still time. If God can forgive King David for murder, David Ludwig is in now way left out. We’re not the judicial system; we’re sons and daughters of God. As such, we’re called to love and pray for our enemies—David included.

    Thanx for the reminder Tim!

  15. David k. says:

    Your right about how we should be praying for David dude. We should have a want for everyone to come to Christ being that we’re just as bad as that guy. But PalmBoy is right, the judge didn’t give him the justice he deserved. By the way, the reason i’m here is because of the World Article. You guys sound pretty neat! God Bless!,

  16. Elisabeth says:

    I remember when first reading about this tragic story in the news, I cried (and am about to now) and prayed for David Ludwig and his girlfriend (I forgot her name). It’s been a while since I thought about it – thanks for posting about it. That guy needs so much prayer because I’m sure he’s just really hurting inside though he’s probably denying it. God so loves him no matter what.

  17. David Ketter says:

    I just wanted to point out that “David k.” is not me.

  18. Lydia T. says:

    *If God can forgive King David for murder, David Ludwig is in no way left out.

  19. Robert I. says:

    I agree entirely with you on the fact that we need to pray for David, and not just for David, but for others that are starting on that same road. Keep up the good work, with God’s grace.

  20. david kelly says:

    Oh yeah, sorry david, That was ignorant of me.

  21. Jacqui says:

    Amen, Tim! Funny, I’d been led to do that very thing several times after the news broke out about this. 🙂 May God have mercy on him and change his heart to repentance.

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