Time To Be Holy

Our Christianity in America suffers from a severe case of mediocrity – it is an inactive, lethargic and pathetic Christianity. Today, Christians have decided to sit on the fence, to become acceptable to the culture surrounding them. Instead of being in the world, Christians have become “one” with the world.

Christians have been called to be “dead to sin” and be “alive in Christ,” yet so many today are “accepting Christ as their Savior” and continuing to live in immorality, sin and hypocrisy. Many of these believers are either false converts or they believe that there is a divide in our spiritual life and our physical life. That is just no so.

Everything done physically affects the spiritual life of a believer. The mind (or the brain) influences everythings that a person does, both spiritually and physically. It is, in fact, the very essence of a person and is who they are.

When Christians allow themselsves to buy into the lie that what they allow themselves to see and hear will not affect them, the Devil immedietly wins the battle over them with no resistance. Christians must always be away that “garbage in” always equals “garbage out.” We cannot allow ourselves to believe that our physical decisions will no make us who we really are and our spiritual decisions will no make us who we are.

Christians are to be cultivating a hatred of sin and living in fear of a holy and just God
. So many times the thought of an all-knowing God is put out of mind, dismissed, or demeaned to the point where it does not bring out a sense of fear in the sinner. Christians should be, no, must be, striving for a healthy fear of God. They must also be daily on their knees in repentance, something that will be lifelong in their journey of sanctification.

The Christian must answer to a higher calling, a call to holiness and not happiness, a call to repentance and not sin, and a call to see and hear good, not evil. When the church finally understands that they must be holy through and through, not just spiritually, then will they finally understand sanctification and holiness. It may sound fundamental, and it may sound legalistic, but that’s just too bad if it sounds that way. Reading the Word of God will reveal to you that their is no divide between the spiritual and the phyisical – we are to be completely holy.

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