I have high and lofty goals for this website, some which have been discarded or just haven’t even come close to being met. But I have one large goal that I believe everyone will benefit from. In fact, it will make your life easier, and it will make me happy.

Here is what you need to do. First, look on the sidebar and see where it says “Contact?” Good. Now, look at the bottom of that section of the sidebar and look where it says “Subscribe By Email.” That’s what I need you to do – type in your email address and get each article on this website by email. It’s really nice for when you don’t have time to surf the net. All you have to do is check your email and you have Tim Sweetman’s articles in your inbox.

No spam will be sent to you
– it is strictly article from the site in a nice format.

I want to get 15 new subsribers by the end of the week
– it’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s very helpful to you as a reader. So, what are you waiting for? Start getting Agent Tim Online!

UPDATE You guys are amazing. Just five more people and we’re reached the goal in less than half a week.

Photo Courtesy of Sam LeVan.

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  1. Palmboy says:

    does this email go to the same place as the ROC subscription?

  2. Sam B. says:

    Oh, but I find Bloglines a much easier way to read your updates. I tend to ignore my emails, to my shame (even ROC, which I’m always telling myself I should read).

  3. Agent Tim says:

    Palm Boy,
    Could you rephrase that? It’s not in any way related to ROC or it’s email system.

    Well, Bloglines works as well if you already have it – but for those highly involved with their emails, I think it’s a bit easier than bloglines. But great suggestions – I think I need to get bloglines for myself. I had it for awhile and it was fantastic!

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