A Deeper Reason

The recent rash of school shootings has caused many a soul to hurt quite deeply, and has personally left me reflecting deeply on the issues surrounding such horrible situations of young men and women killing others, and then themselves. I have oft wondered why such things could happen, beyond a simple explanation that “sin is in our world.” I understand the basics of the issue, but it is so much more complex. What kind of sin, what causes this horrible sin, and how can these killings be avoided? We’re going to look at three reasons for situations such as these: the destruction of the family, the destruction of purpose, and the destruction of passion.

Ever since Columbine we have seen many school massacres and killing sprees, all quite similar – an armed criminal enters the school, shoots students before finally taking his own life. These horrendous acts leave us chilled in our souls, and left to wonder how such a thing could happen, and how one human being could become so hard and so cold as to take the life of others as well as his own. What, in a broad sense, are the reasons behind acts such as these?

Family Destroyed

Some may contend that the crux of the issue is that we as Americans have no value of human life. Abortion is rampant, murder is not punished by death, euthanasia is becoming more acceptable. The family system, which has its place in human value, has been destroyed. As Americans, we see that since the family has been destroyed, we have no support structure, and men and women have nothing to live for. Homosexuality and other sexual sin pervades our society. No one is a person, he is just an animal made for pleasure for himself and for others to enjoy. Not only that, but evolution has convoluted our understanding of who man is, due to the fact that we no longer believe in God, therefore the statement that “what we believe in God is the most important thing about us” is proven true. When we believe nothing, nothing is wrong.

Who is God?

There is no God, no purpose, no meaning, no reason to live. Therefore, there is no reason to live to please another being. There is no reason to live to glorify a creator. There is no reason for respect of creation. There is a denial of the fact that we are all innately sinful, therefore everyone is disappointed at what they see in the world. The interesting thing about the belief that we are all innately good is that, when we are disappointed, others look at that and say that we just have a wrong definition of “good.” There are different definitions of good, and all are equally valid. Once tolerance seeps in, morality is destroyed, and the destruction of passion creeps into our lives.

Who Cares

The opposite of passion is apathy, which is a “lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.” Apathy is what so many people in our nation have today – in contrast to many others in our world who are dying for what they believe in. They search for something to die for, but they cannot find it. They attempt to find their purpose in everything but in God and in the glorious gospel, and in doing so, they destroy morality – they believe that perhaps they can just “be good,” yet without the gospel they only see themselves falling short with no hope. At this point, tolerance jumps to the forefront of our thoughts, leading not to promotion of people’s reason to live, but rather demoting their belief’s. There is no reason to believe wholeheartedly something that could be false. There is no reason to live with a passion in something that you only halfway believe.

And that is America today. A land with a destroyed family system, a destruction of purpose, of God, and of morality, and lack of passion. We are an apathetic land.

The Solution

The question for us is “how are we to fix this problem?” How can we change a nation? We can’t. Only God can. But we can come before God, asking him to bring us out of apathy, asking him to change and regenerate our lives. Perhaps it is “becoming rebelutionary” and finally “living a regenerate life.” Perhaps it is finally getting back to daily devotions, time with God, each and every day. Maybe it is simply speaking up for what you believe, knowing that it may not be well accepted. Simple things like these can turn a generation of apathetic men and women who look in all the wrong places for passion, into a nation of people who believe in what they are fighting for.

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  1. A really well-written post, Tim. Excellent truth at the end, that only God can change our nation.

    Amen, brother.

  2. Christine says:

    Very good post. Thanks, Tim.

  3. shell says:

    Wow. I have been thinking about all the killings lately and asking the same question you asked. And I love the ending. Thank you.

  4. Is there any possibility I could post an article or two of yours (or an excerpt) on a teen ministry site we operate? I came across your site through world, and I’m impressed with the solid thinking! Keep up the terrific work.

  5. Great post Tim! Your absolutely right, this is God’s judgement on our country for WE Christians continouly backsliding and letting sin run rampid.

  6. Moriah Strickland says:

    That was an awesome post, Tim. I had actually been talking with my driving instructor yesterday about the shootings. We as Christians need to stand up for what’s right. I agree with you that only God can change our nation that has fallen so deep into sin.

  7. Let’s take a global and historical perspective.

    Firstly, we need to reject the notion that society today is “getting worse”. Murder, homosexuality and other sin have been around since the Fall. Although we should never consider such sin as being acceptable, we need to remember that our age is no worse (or no better) than any other.

    Secondly, we need to reject the notion that there is a direct, causal link between a community/nation’s lack of God-honouring behaviour and levels of crime and violence. Western Europe is as secular and non-believing as it ever has been in its history, and we do not see the same levels of violence and crime perpetrated in America. We need to recognise that perhaps there is something unique to America’s culture and laws that allow such things to happen, while similar things happen less often in other countries.

    Lastly, we need to remember that God’s solution to the problem of sin is the Gospel of Christ, and that God’s way of changing people’s behaviour is through the Spirit’s work in the church.

  8. Steven says:

    Hey Tim,

    Well done. All the more reason to encourage people to fast and pray on the Monday before elections.

    You can read my post about it here:


    As for Salient – to assert that society does not get worse is to discard the notion that things will indeed get worse in the end times. That’s not an assertion I’m willing to accept.

    That goes double for the idea that there is no direct casaul link between a lack of God-honoring behavior and levels of crime and violence. It should be obvious that failing to honor God, especially in the way we protect our families and raise our children, contributes directly to crime and violence.

    Just because Europe’s crimes tend to take on other forms, many of which are not reported as widely as are ours here in America, does not disprove this fact.



  9. Tim says:

    One thing to understand and consider, Salient, is the fact that although these sins have been around since the beginning of our nation, they have previously been done in secret and in darkness. What had been done is darkness is now practiced in the light, and therefore things are “getting worse” in that way.

    On the second point, I would like to point to Romans 1-2. I think that may counter that point.

    Lastly, I agree, and I made that point in the article.

  10. Nathan Knapp says:

    I think it’s important to remember that the statement that “things are getting worse,” is a really broad generalization. I would argue, like Salient, that it’s not the case. Firstly, you assume that we are in the ‘end times’ (I’m referring to the Left Behind sense of the word, not the way Jesus used it). Secondly, you assume that it was worse before.

    I want to clarify that I’m talking exclusively about America here. (There have been much worse times in international history.) Personally, I think that the current obsession with the end times is simply a trend and certainly no more relevant than a trend. Frankly, we as Christians are commanded to live life like it’s our last day on earth… and if the Rapture is indeed near, then we’re going to be gone and that’s that.

    To the second point: in assuming that it was worse before you have to clarify how. For example, back in the fifties, nearly everbody was considered a good person. Good families, good dad’s, good mom’s. Just good folks, all around. Well, those parents children spawned the sexual revolution, and the widespread rebellion of the sixties.

    Why did the children rebel?

    Because they didn’t see anything worth living for in what their parents were doing. And for the most part, there probably wasn’t besides it being ‘good’. The problem was that in everyone being good there was no line between real Christians and people who were just…nice. Everybody believed in God.

    Did many truly pursue him? Not that you could tell. I would almost argue that it’s a better atmosphere now than before. Why? Because the line is clear between Christians and non-Christians. There’s less luke-warmness. Is this worse than before? You tell me.

    So, Tim, I agree with you in that it’s the corrupt family system. I don’t think it’s so much the rampant immorality. Sure, that has its effects, but it was lukewarm inaction that started this all.

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