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I received a few emails over the time I was attending the Communicators for Christ conference, one of which I felt unqualified to answer. So, I decided to find someone, or rather “someones” to answer the issue that was brought up in the email. So, the ladies from Beauty from the Heart graciously answered the email with great skill. Here’s a clip:

We recently received an e-mail with questions regarding dating/courtship. We don’t profess to have all the answers (there are many people from whom it would be better to ask advice), but we do think that this e-mail contains questions which many of us have. We’ve done our best to answer them Biblically, and we’re interested in your input as well.

Here’s the note:


I recently started “courting/dating” a guy. I am 99.999% positive he in “the one”….I don’t want to compromise on my standards as far as a physical relationship goes (ex: I want our first kiss to be on our wedding day- or at least when we get engaged) but my parents don’t want us to even touch each other at all till out wedding day… I think holding hands would be ok, and so does my boyfriend… any suggestions on what to do without disrespecting my parents [sic] rules?Continue Reading!

The funny thing is, this whole issue ties in closely with the latest edition of Regenerate Our Culture:
purity. And along with this new issue of ROC comes a brand new feature: the Podcast Network, featuring not only the popular Square Talk Radio (which has a wonderful new podcast out minus my less than desirable audio), but also a new podcast with the popular apologetics king David MacMillan called “Without Excuse,” and another podcast called “Midrash” hosted by theologian and blogger David Ketter of the Account. And of course it comes with a beautful new design with a slew of new features. It’s certainly not something you will want to miss.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

2 responses to “Answers To Questions and Other Such Things”

  1. Moriah Strickland says:

    I just finished listening to Square Talk Radio, and I completely agree with you concerning the issue of purity. It was very encouraging to listen to. So thanks Tim!

  2. Erin Koller says:

    My brother and I enjoy listening to Square Talk Radio! And thanks for your thoughts on the school shootings.

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