Manliness Isn’t Always Next to Godliness

A reader, Nate, emailed me recently about my latest article concerning GodMen and Brad Stine. For some reason, the comments seemed not to be working (if that is still the case, fire me an email), so I received the following from him, and felt it would be beneficial to all of us to read both the questions and the answers. … Read More

A Philosophical Break

Now most wouldn’t consider stopping to look at philosophy a break, but when I sit down to relax and don’t want to waste my time, I tend to pick up on of two books. Either I grab a copy of No Place For Truth by David F. Wells or Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey. In her book Total Truth, Nancy … Read More

A Biblical Marriage

It has certainly been far too long since I have written about one of the most important topics that I can ever cover on this blog, that of biblical manhood and womanhood. As many know, a few weeks ago I began a series on men and women’s biblical roles with John Macarthur’s book Different By Design as a guide. In … Read More

Get Out The Vote

I don’t usually do things like this, but today is the exception. So, without further adu, please read the following news bulletin put out by the ATO News Network. Blogosphere, USA — Many homeschoolers are isolationists when it comes to blogging, preferring to stick to the Monroe Doctrine when it comes to “blog wars.” Yet in this special case, war … Read More

Facing The Lesser Pain

I have trembled at the thought of dying by fire. Trapped in a room, suffocating, blinded, my blood literally boiling, slowly fading in a roaring inferno. I have closed my eyes in horror at the thought of being hung or choked to death, or slowly and painfully dying of some extreme pain. I have been shaken at the thought of … Read More