Get Out The Vote

I don’t usually do things like this, but today is the exception. So, without further adu, please read the following news bulletin put out by the ATO News Network.

Blogosphere, USA — Many homeschoolers are isolationists when it comes to blogging, preferring to stick to the Monroe Doctrine when it comes to “blog wars.” Yet in this special case, war has been declared by elitists on not only the amazing blog Spunky Homeschool (which has just been retired), but also on homeschoolers who “s*ck.” The blogs who have declared “war” have insulted and continue to insult homeschoolers.

“The important thing is that IvyGate and I crush the homeschoolers,” said Michael Bérubé (warning: language alert), secular elitist blogger, commenting on the seemingly shaky situation he and his fellow elitist bloggers at Ivy Gate’s. As of December 11th, Spunky Homeschool trails with 1189 votes, Ivy Gate with 1358 votes, and Michael Bérubé with 1705. These numbers are constantly changing.

Karen “Spunky” Braun has asked that voters join together to “help homeschooling and decency to shine in a depraved world.” The question is whether or not the homeschoolers will turn out to vote, or will they be “crushed” beneath the heal of “elitist” bloggers. So far, it is far from a blowout, but the homeschoolers are not winning. Yet.

So, get out and vote.

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  1. Detective J says:

    I posted a thing about this on my blog too.

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