First of all, I am officially back in action. I know I was here and there, but I plan on keeping up with things as much as humanly possible. Some exciting things should begin happening around here in the next few months. Secondly, the comments are finally working again. Thanks to Alex King for fixing that issue. I hope we … Read More

The Only Absolute

In a long weekend, I understand that you need to read something short, yet powerful. In a big way, I have the same problem: I need to write something short yet “powerful.” But I certainly can’t do it quite like Francis Schaeffer. “In passing, we should note this curious mark of our own age: the only absolute allowed is the … Read More

The Day It Vanishes

“The day in which an after-life vanishes from the earth, we will witness a terrific moral and spiritual decadence. There is no other lever capable of raising a people if once they have lost faith in the immortality of the soul.” –Renan, Roman Cynic

The Greatest Tragedy

In our own small spheres of influence we know perhaps a hundred people. Some we know closely, and others we are just aquatinted to. If we really thought about it, most of us would be stunned at how many people we know whom we’re never given the gospel to. Personally, this thought of missing my opportunities struck me hard as … Read More

Not My Opinion: A Look at Profanity

I couldn’t believe it. Here I was, in the room so many can only dream of setting foot in. Within these walls had stood great men of the past who had shaped and molded our nation into what it is today. And I happened to join the ranks of the lucky few who stood in the chambers of the President … Read More

Goodbye Self

My lack of writing began with my lack of witnessing. I’m not sure when it began, but my burden for the lost “disappeared” as I decided that I should be studying more, or just “do good deeds” for people and other such nonsense that seems to creep into our lives each and every time we seem to be doing so … Read More

Urgent Prayer Request

Albert Mohler’s Blog For anyone who hasn’t already heard this somewhat old news, Albert Mohler is back at home: Dr. Mohler was discharged this morning from Louisville’s Baptist Hospital East. After a two week hospitalization that included extensive abdominal surgery and a four day stay in the Intensive Care Unit due to pulmonary emboli in the lungs, he and the … Read More