These Days Aren’t Over

I continue to be appalled at our society day in and day out. And it continues to hit closer and closer to home — especially when your residence is in the D.C./Metropolitan area. This time the story takes place at Arundel High School. The scene is a wrestling match, 103-pounders to be exact, going at it. Suddenly, you realize that … Read More

Different By Design: Summary

I don’t believe I am completely done with this series, but I always find it helpful to stop for at least one moment, and look back at what we’ve discussed. Different By Design Part 1: We begin the journey. Different By Design Part 2: The journey continues. A Philosophical Break: We take a look at how some attempt to fix … Read More

Excellent: Proverbs 31

Biblical womanhood is a topic that many months ago I attempted to take a look at, and sadly failed. It never made it past “draft” on my website, as my thoughts were disconnected, my theology was somewhat (if not completely) shaky, and the post remained completely unfit for publication. I hope to avoid that in the following look at biblical … Read More

George, What Would You Say?

If George Washington stood here today, what would he say? Would he be pleased with this nation that stands before him or would he take one look, drop to his knees and begin to weep? What would he say about abortion, about gay marriage, about welfare, about treaties, about the War in Iraq, about Hillary Clinton, about the Evangelical Church, … Read More

The Results of Sin

Right Wing News did an interview with Dr. Helen, wife of the infamous Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, on “Why Kids Kill.” I have to say, it’s an intriquing interview going into the minds of those young men and women who have “gone bad.” I think all of us have wondered the reasons for this, yet it is interesting to see how … Read More