Different By Design: Summary

I don’t believe I am completely done with this series, but I always find it helpful to stop for at least one moment, and look back at what we’ve discussed.

  • Different By Design Part 1: We begin the journey.
  • Different By Design Part 2: The journey continues.
  • A Philosophical Break: We take a look at how some attempt to fix the problem of men becoming feminized.
  • Manliness Isn’t Always Next to Godliness: I respond to the response to A Philosophical Break.
  • Excellent: Proverbs 31: We take a look at the Proverbs 31 woman.
  • From here on, I will have to decide what to do. My plan is to dive into godly manhood much more deeply than I have. For now, check out One Way Purpose for his ongoing series on godly manhood.

    2 responses to “Different By Design: Summary”

    1. A* 13 says:

      Aye, Tim…’tis good to see you are still blogging. And yes, ’twas a good series. 😀

    2. […] responsibility of men and boys to protect girls and women–not to wrestle them to the ground.” Exactly. Did I just hear the words “different by […]

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