George, What Would You Say?

If George Washington stood here today, what would he say? Would he be pleased with this nation that stands before him or would he take one look, drop to his knees and begin to weep? What would he say about abortion, about gay marriage, about welfare, about treaties, about the War in Iraq, about Hillary Clinton, about the Evangelical Church, about sports and cheating, about politics, or about global warming? What would he do?

Obviously we can only surmise that his response, apart from being overwhelmed with the technological progress of our age, would be that of sadness and a intense hope that there is some light at the end of the tunnel for a nation who has decided that millions of lives do not matter and do not have the right to live on this earth. He would weep at the immorality found on the technology that he discovered, at the commercials he viewed, and at the malls he visited. He would be horrified at learning some of the history of our nation: we did not heed his advice to stay out of European affairs, and have now been forced into Middle Eastern war that I am certain he would hope we win. He would be distraught at finding the British have returned, or at least their taxes have snuck across the border. He would probably care less about global warming, not grasping the concept. He would bitterly weep if he saw many in the church today — cold, apathetic, falling apart. He would wonder about the need for welfare, the laziness and unbelievable desire for pleasure found in those around him. He would wish he had never been brought back when he found that there are far too many chiefs and not enough indians. Everyone is a leader — everyone is their ruler. No respect is found for the president, be it a Republican and Democrat. How could he live through it? In the end, he would be sick of politics.

Yet, I dare say, he would find hope within this gloom and sadness. He would find those churches proclaiming the gospel, that same patriotism he saw during those days of great tribulation for our nation, and many citizens who have not sunk into the atrocity he has seen. He would see hope, he would see that light at the end of the tunnel found in the proclamation of the gospel to a nation who so desperately needs to awaken from it’s apathetic nap time. He would still see a nation with a history so unique, so amazing, and still so wonderful. He would see God’s blessings through the years, and he would drop to his knees not to weep, but to go to God in prayer, asking Him to bring back not the United States, but those lives and those souls who have made the United States their home.

Let us be like George Washington, and take action.

4 Comments on “George, What Would You Say?”

  1. Dakota

    Well I like Regenerate Our Culture Bill. . .and good editorial Tim. If only George were here today.

  2. Bethany S.

    Actually, I like ROC too. I’m not sure what you mean by “social club.”

    I liked your post Tim. I’ve thought about that before – about what our Founding Fathers would think if they came back today… it’s sobering to think about.

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