The Results of Sin

Right Wing News did an interview with Dr. Helen, wife of the infamous Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, on “Why Kids Kill.” I have to say, it’s an intriquing interview going into the minds of those young men and women who have “gone bad.” I think all of us have wondered the reasons for this, yet it is interesting to see how the world answers these tough questions of the roots of sin.

We all know the bottom line, but I encourage those who are interested to read and come back here to post their thoughts. For others, you need to check out some material on the doctrine of sin which is so important to our Christian faith. All of this helps us understand why the gospel is such good news. All of us deserve death and punishment just as much as these kids, yet Christ, through his death on the cross which satisfied God’s wrath, allows us to be redeemed through repentance and faith. It’s so important to understand that. For more, check ou the top posts on the sidebar.

*Update* : Speaking of this.

2 responses to “The Results of Sin”

  1. Shaun says:

    Wow. It’s interesting to see people struggle with the idea of imperfections (sin) when they do not believe in sin (imperfections).

  2. Tim says:

    Indeed it is, and it really opens the door for those who are Christians to answer that huge problem in our world. The world’s answer to the problem of sin is just not good enough, and we see that more and more. The answers and the fixes are just not going to work. Only the changing grace of Jesus Christ, only the regenerated life, will make a difference. The cross is the answer to sin.

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