How To Change the World: Be Changed

Like so many others, I have something within me that screams against the rules. For example, when I was much younger I owned a wonderful pair of Washington Redskins shoes, and instead of using the normal shoelaces, I decided to dress up the shoes with some bright orange shoelaces that I owned – and I don’t have to tell you that orange with burgundy and gold don’t match. Yet at the time, I didn’t realize that those colors didn’t match, and to be honest, it didn’t bother me in the least. I thought they were cool. But as I grew older and matured, I realized (after “pair number two” with orange shoelaces) that orange didn’t match. Other things began to change as well – my clothes matched, my shirt was no longer on backwards, and I came to understand that you don’t wear pants with huge holes in the knees to special events. Times were changing.

In many ways, our Christian lives tend to be very similar to this. As we become teenagers, some of us have the urge to live our lives with our orange shoelaces still on. We remain children, fighting the so-called “rules” that our parents and authorities place over us and the apathy that is seeping into our spiritual and physical lives. The problem is that we have learned what is right, yet have never put it into action. We’ve heard a thousand times that orange shoelaces don’t go with Redskin shoes, and we might even know it to be true, but we’ve told ourselves a thousand times that this side is so much sweeter. Ignorance is bliss, right? If we are ignorant of our need to mature as Christians, we will continue to live in that so called “bliss.” Sadly, many of us have remained infants in our Christian walk – but it’s time to grow up. Times are changing.

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  1. Shawna says:

    I enjoyed your article and I think your response to this website would be great.

    This website is getting some fun responses right now. It asks for you to state something that you would like to change or create to make a difference in our community. It is aimed to stir up conversation and perhaps allow other readers to respond back if they can help make that change possible.

    The address is

    I think it would be great to get your comments and even some of your readers too

  2. Was there something that spurred on your “time to grow up” I enjoy watching myself and others go through this epiphany. I have found it is much easier to live your life as a grown up. The set “rules” are only guidelines provided to us. Individually you must choose to follow these guidelines then they become your rules.

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