I was very excited to hear the news that the great blog Rhetorical Response has returned to the Internet and has once again begun to inspire us through her work. So, I’m back to blogging. I’m really excited, too, because I’ve missed the joy of thinking and writing about what is beautiful and important. Rhetorical Response is going to look … Read More

We Cry With Hope

This week is going to be long, hard, and for so many, a very scary time. Through the past few days I have not been silent, but rather hard at work to provide articles elsewhere. You can find my response to the horrific attack at Virginia Tech on Monday here, and my article on the “Death of the Blogosphere,” a … Read More

Win an iPod: Regenerate Our Culture Contest

I cannot tell you how excited I am about Regenerate Our Culture’s essay contest — don’t worry, I’m not writing anything for it (although I wish I could!) and neither are any of our amazing writers. But it’s your chance to not only get your name and work out there, but also win an extremely helpful tool — an iPod … Read More

The Scandal of the Cross

This entire week I have been contemplating on what to write. Yet each time I began to write, especially about things concerning Easter, Good Friday, and Passion Week, my mind came back to my previous post on my testimony. That is what this week is all about, is it not? It is about Christ crucified; sinners justified; death mortified; and … Read More

Testimony Tuesday

It’s testimony Tuesday, thanks to our good friend Tim Challies. I encourage you to post your as well, and send your link in. It’s a great opportunity to all be encouraged as we see how God has worked in the lives of so many. As Christians, one of the greatest and easiest ways to share Christ is to tell the … Read More