Testimony Tuesday

It’s testimony Tuesday, thanks to our good friend Tim Challies. I encourage you to post your as well, and send your link in. It’s a great opportunity to all be encouraged as we see how God has worked in the lives of so many.

As Christians, one of the greatest and easiest ways to share Christ is to tell the story of how we were saved. In this article, I hope to relay to you my journey in becoming a Christian. But before I begin, I must tell you this: even though my identity as a home-schooler is important to me, what is truly important above all else is my identity in Christ. That’s my mission for today.

The Conversion

The story begins in a classroom of six and seven-year-olds studying the Bible—more specifically the minor prophets (you know, the section of your Bible that’s still in mint condition). Our class read books such as Obadiah, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and a bunch of other “iahs” that at the time I wasn’t so thrilled to read. In fact, usually I dreaded the time during the week when I had to read the genealogies and “boring” stories found in those dreaded books.

But I remember the very last night of that Bible study. The class all sat around in a circle listening to our leader sum up the past 32 weeks of study. As she did this, my mind began to remember story after story, seemingly all the same when it came to their basic building blocks.

  • God has laws for Israel
  • A prophet comes to warn them of God’s judgment
  • They choose judgment or salvation
  • Our teacher then told us how these stories were similar to the Christian’s story:

  • God had given me His law
  • I had broken the law by lying, stealing, dishonoring my parents, and even murdering (murder of the heart.)
  • And there I was, just like the Israelites, condemned before God. I knew that I deserved one thing: death. Being a good kid didn’t help me get to heaven. Reading my Bible didn’t get me to heaven. I was condemned, unable to pay my fine, unable to be perfect.
  • The story didn’t stop there. Our leader continued and told us about Jesus Christ.

    It was as if I was standing before a just judge, heading off to prison with a fine that was unpayable. I was guilty, and heading off to prison. Yet a complete stranger walked in the back and paid the fine for me. Justice was served, and I was free to go. All I needed to do at that point was to take the payment.

    Jesus had done that for me on the cross, taking my punishment and paying my fine.

    That night after the Bible study, God was working on my heart. Through my pastor’s sermons, studying the Bible in school, and through my leader’s words, I knew what I needed to do. I prayed that night in my bed, repenting of all my sin, and told God I was done with me and wanted to live for Him. I accepted His payment—Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. I wanted to be born again—and that night I was.

    The New Version

    In John 15:8, Jesus says “This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.” One way that I’ve been able to see fruit in my life began early on. It was a burden for those who were not heading to heaven. Charles Spurgeon once asked: “have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you are not saved yourself. Be sure of that.”

    That statement hits you like a 90 mile-per-hour fastball. With my knowledge of God as a righteous judge, I knew I could go nowhere without wanting to share what I knew. In reality, I should not be able to sleep knowing that thousands of people around the world, even friends, relatives, and neighbors, are all dying without Christ and heading to hell. It’s a heavy thought—and it made me understand that every believer should be witnessing every day, without fail and without shame. It’s hard to do, but we must do it.

    The one thing that I have always prayed for is boldness. I struggle many times with getting the courage just to start witnessing. It’s as though I’m an old car that just can’t get started. But when I finally do, the Holy Spirit is leading full-speed ahead, and the fear is removed. That first step is so hard to overcome, but we must do it. Pray, pray, pray!

    We cannot let the Devil trick us into believing that someone else will witness to a person. We must do it ourselves, without fear, and do it biblically. The best way to do that is to show them their sin by using the law of God, and when they are convicted of that, give them grace: the message of Jesus Christ.

    Before I end this section of the article, please hear this: if you have been convicted of not sharing your faith, do not let it stop at “Oh boy, I should be sharing my faith.” Get equipped and get out there and share the Gospel.

    The Hard Version

    When I became a Christian, I also knew that I needed to grow more like Christ. Our world has such low standards, especially for teens, and I knew I had to rise above those expectations placed on me. A Christian’s standards should always be higher than those of the world. As Alex and Brett Harris have so eloquently put it, we must “do hard things” each and every day, challenging ourselves to rise above mediocre. Settling with mediocre or lower is not going to cut it. As God tells us in Revelation, He spits out the lukewarm.

    Each and every day as I grow closer to the Lord, I realize that I am called to a higher standard. There is nothing I can do by myself, and I must rely wholly on my Savior who must get all the credit for everything I do. I can’t allow pride to come into my life, but must grow more like Christ in humility and grace. I must go out with boldness to share my story and warn those who are not in Christ of the grave danger which they are in.

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    5 responses to “Testimony Tuesday”

    1. Karen says:

      It was very interesting and a great blessing to read how Sunday School lessons in the minor prophets were used of God to bring you to faith in Christ.
      Thanks for sharing your testimony today.

    2. Ellen B. says:

      I love your leaders summary of what you were studying connected to the gospel. Beautiful. Also I appreciate your challenge to us to not stop here but to share our faith. Thanks.

    3. Thanks for sharing your testimony. It was great.
      I myself have posted my testimony on my blog a few months back. Here’s the link if you ever want to check it out…
      God Bless!!

    4. Nikki says:

      Thanks for sharing!! Keep challenging others to do the same!

    5. I think it’s amazing that a Sunday School teacher was taking a group of children through the minor prophets. My experiences in church have been seeing children hear the story of Noah’s Ark for the umpteenth time … and never really cracking a Bible and reading its contents. I’m amazed … and so excited … to hear of a teacher who didn’t “twaddle” at the students but brought truth to them. God’s truth. From its original source. Hooray for your teacher! 🙂

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