Recap: Agent Tim’s Life

It has been too long since I have written here. Far, far too long. I promise I will not waste time telling you the many details of my absence, but will just highlight a few things I have been doing that have caused me to neglect this wonderful blog.

First, as many know, teenagers are forced into a relatively idle four years called “high school” which must be completed before they can attend any college, graduate, and enter “freedom.” That could possibly describe the time I have been having (and of course I am joking about idleness as any high school student will tell you.) The past few weeks in the area of academics have been full with math, english, essays, and the test of all tests: the SAT. Hopefully that one excuse in and of itself will pardon my absence. This studying along with a part-time job tends to take away any extra free time from me.

Secondly, I have not been idle in the writing department. Much of what I have written is on my own computer, on pages strewn about, or neatly organized in one of my special writing folders I received for a birthday a few years ago. These pages of work will not be seen to the public, except for possibly one. It is material that I may release as a very short “book” or possibly just a pamphlet that should be cheap and easy to distribute (but no promises). The topic? Well, let’s just say that at one point I told many that I would not revisit the topic, but I promise this will be the final word — and a word almost everyone will agree on. I spent many hours researching, studying, and praying over this material, and I hope that at some point you as readers can be blessed by it if God wills. Some other material I have been writing has been on a topic that is basically the mission of Agent Tim Online, or at least it will be.

Speaking of the website (or were we already?), Agent Tim Online is going to get a facelift — something else that has been taking a small portion of my time. When that happens, you will see a great many changes, better material, easier use, and a large amount of great material to read and to listen to all from Agent Tim and company (who happen to be any friends). Coinciding at launch will be a special audio presentation from Tim Sweetman and David Ketter called “Who We Want To Know: A Discussion on Postmodernism and the Emerging Church” that I am assured you will not want to miss downloading when the time comes. You can be sure to hear more about that in the coming weeks.

Now that I’ve mentioned David, I must mention that the two of us did meet in person yesterday in D.C. and had a wonderful time. I just want to thank David for being such a great friend, for helping me to grow stronger in my faith, and for the continual support and encouragement he has been to me since both of us began blogging. Sadly, we do not have any photographic proof of our meeting, so you will just have to take our words for it.

Tonight I head to Battle Cry, and it may be possible that you will hear either a wrap up late this night, or a wrap up and evaluation on sunday, monday, or tuesday. From what I have read, heard, and seen I am excited about attending this event, and hope you will pray for this weekend. Also, if you will be attending this weekend, let me know by dropping an email or comment!

I pray that this has brought you up to date and up to speed on the life of Agent Tim. I guess it’s my turn to return.

5 responses to “Recap: Agent Tim’s Life”

  1. David Ketter says:

    You’re quite welcome, Tim. And, yes, everyone, the two of us plotted out how we’re gonna take the world…just kidding. 🙂

    Seriously, I’d like to return Tim’s thanks as well. It’s always been an encouragement to me to work together with you, brother, and advance the Kingdom as best we may, by the grace of God. God’s continued blessings upon you, my brother!

  2. A.Q. says:

    I am joking about idleness

    You can joke about high-school????

  3. Hannah says:

    Good to hear from you, Tim. I don’t think anyone could suspect you of wasting time. God bless in your writing endeavors!

  4. Karen Kovaka says:


    We miss you!!

  5. Monica Smith says:

    So,I’m wondering what ever happened to your writtings? Did you publish your treasurary of insights,or are the still somewhere in your closet? I know I’m reading archives from ’07….so that’s why I’m asking what happened??

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