Why Regenerate?

I have been pleased and blessed to see that the last few posts have been a great encouragement and blessing to all who have read them. For some, you may have noticed some phrases within those posts which led you to believe these posts were not simply articles, but rather a devotional speech. If anyone had that hunch, you hit the nail on the head. Those three posts are three of the points in my five point speech. Post one highlighted sacrifice, post two highlighted passion, and post three highlighted obedience. The next two points will be remembering, and finally taking action. For those who are able to decipher the “code” hidden within these points — well, we’ll think of something to give you.

The main thrust of this presentation is to talk about how we are to live as young believers in Christ. How do we go about each day becoming more like Him in every way? My next point was remembering. What, pray tell, are we to remember? Good question. It all boils down to what I talked about in my latest article in Regenerated Magazine, entitled Why Regenerate. In it, I examined closely our purpose as an organization, and very simply, our reason for existence. I encourage you to take a look at that article, and hopefully it can help you as you work to live more like Christ.

Regenerate Our Culture. It’s a catchy name with a lot of potential. But what does it really mean? How does it affect our lives, and why should any Christian teenager be a part of this “regeneration”? How is it different from other organizations and movements that call teenagers to change the world, to stand up, to fight the world? And is it worth the fight to change the culture that we see so quickly disintegrating?

4 responses to “Why Regenerate?”

  1. Chad says:

    That’s an excellent RM article, Tim. Our culture needs regeneration more than ever, and many times the gospel (particularly the sinner’s need for repentance through Christ’s regenerating work in the heart) is being completely overlooked with regards to this matter. I’m looking forward to your next couple posts!

  2. HannaH says:

    Is the fact that your five points are an acronym for the word “sport” the secret code?

  3. Agent Tim says:

    You’re right on. That happens to be the “theme” we have for VBS this year…and I decided to make it a little deeper than simply sport. Hopefully I can share one of the nights and perhaps record it for anyone’s listening pleasure.

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