MySpace Once Again

Myspace deletes 29,000 sex offenders. Here are past comments on Myspace. Stay tuned here for more on MySpace and social networking sites.

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  1. Stephanie Booth

    Not that disturbing, actually. First important thing is to understand exactly what “sex offender” means (it does not mean “pedophile”, it means “has been convicted for a sex crime”, which in some states could be as innocuous as mooning or getting caught having sex in a public space). I’ve blogged about this in length — also about how “real” the perceived threat of online predators is (not as real as most people think).

  2. Post

    Any offender is disturbing and a threat. Now, I do look into this a little further in a lengthy chapter/article that I’ve written that is as yet unpublished. Hopefully soon.

  3. RC

    Tim, I’ve read your comments about MySpace. I wonder what you think about Facebook. I would like to read your views.

  4. Agent Tim

    I can’t really answer that question quite yet, RC. But it’s a very, very good one. From far away, I’d say Facebook is different for a number of reasons, but many internet filters still block it.

    I’m in the process of checking it out.

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