MySpace Once Again

Myspace deletes 29,000 sex offenders. Here are past comments on Myspace. Stay tuned here for more on MySpace and social networking sites.

5 responses to “MySpace Once Again”

  1. Hannah says:

    How disturbing. I wonder how this compares to other networks like xanga, livejournal, etc.

  2. Not that disturbing, actually. First important thing is to understand exactly what “sex offender” means (it does not mean “pedophile”, it means “has been convicted for a sex crime”, which in some states could be as innocuous as mooning or getting caught having sex in a public space). I’ve blogged about this in length — also about how “real” the perceived threat of online predators is (not as real as most people think).

  3. Tim says:

    Any offender is disturbing and a threat. Now, I do look into this a little further in a lengthy chapter/article that I’ve written that is as yet unpublished. Hopefully soon.

  4. RC says:

    Tim, I’ve read your comments about MySpace. I wonder what you think about Facebook. I would like to read your views.

  5. Agent Tim says:

    I can’t really answer that question quite yet, RC. But it’s a very, very good one. From far away, I’d say Facebook is different for a number of reasons, but many internet filters still block it.

    I’m in the process of checking it out.

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