What Happened?

Many of you may have noticed something quite peculiar going on here — the site was down for a couple of days, quite tragic since I found out that my blog was linked by Chuck Norris. So, welcome to any of you readers who have come from that source. Scroll to the bottom of the page and keep clicking “next page” to check out some of the past articles here on the site.

Back to the down time. I found out today that my site had been hacked — not surprising for an agent, but bad nonetheless. Yet what was overwhelmingly odd, or perhaps ironic, was the fact that it was a Russian spam source that committed this crime (I had been wondering about the overwhelming amount of spam coming into the site). Yet this foe has been defeated (we have conquered!) and Agent Tim Online is back up and running (and hopefully writing much more). So, just in case you wondered what happened, that’s the lowdown.

I guess this whole situation once again brings up loving my enemies.

6 responses to “What Happened?”

  1. Glad to hear that the spammers were defeated, Tim. Welcome back! =D

  2. Scott Lamb says:

    Tim, That is pretty cool getting plugged by Walker, Texas Ranger!

  3. Tim says:

    I’m glad as well (on both accounts). It’s pretty cool — and I have to say, very funny at the same time. Such irony.

  4. Kierstyn says:

    Hey Tim!

    I was wondering why ATO wouldn’t load, but figured it was a computer problem. (I’ve had those before :P) I’m very glad you made it back though! Congrats on being in the Chuck Norris article! *thought that was cool* 🙂


  5. Garrett Boon says:

    Hey Tim, sorry about getting hacked. That happened to my site about 6 months ago, though it was the entire server and not just someone targeting my site.

    Anyway, keep blogging.

  6. Eric Novak says:

    Congratulations, you have been awarded the Blogging with a Purpose award! Please go to http://www.bloggingwithapurpose.com to see your nomination entry.

    Blogging with a Purpose Staff

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