Short and Sweet

Some people might understand the subtle humor in that title (hint: read my profile).

Anyway, after some deep consideration, I’m going to keep up this “short” posting process to some degree. It will be intermittent with longer posts on issues that require more than a short post. But I really enjoy reading short snippets every day instead of a huge chunk once a week. And the conversations and discussions that we’ve had are fantastic.

I also liked how the nanoblog is working as an “extra” page for the main blog. So, let me know what you think about this “change” as I work to keep blogging amidst a busy year ahead.

3 responses to “Short and Sweet”

  1. Eric Novak says:

    Here is my entry that I said I would post.

    RYE: I rather like long entries, but a short entry with deep meaning is better then a long entry with not.

    Eric Novak

  2. ModestMoe says:

    Tim, I like the fact that you’ve been writing shorter posts lately. As much as I enjoy longer posts, if there’s several a week on the same blog I end up getting bogged down, so rotating short ones in is good.


  3. Raxgond says:

    I’m sure other people appreciate that as well. I think it would be hard for people to read long posts every day or so.

    (By the way, don’t mind me. I’m just some random person.)

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