3 responses to “War and Peace”

  1. Eric Novak says:

    I will be posting about this soon. I have some thoughts on the subject, and I like writing about highly controversial issues.

    Very good podcast by the way.

    Eric Novak

  2. Kaylene says:

    Wow Tim. I’m so thankful that you and David were willing to cover this topic. Until a short time ago, I was naive in thinking it wasn’t an issue that I even needed to consider or question even though I tend to be an objective thinker and enjoy pursuing knowledge of truth. My patriotism and being a military brat for the beginning years of my life, blinded me to see the balance that you and David carefully layed forth. If its something Christ spoke of its more than worth being something to ponder! THANK YOU for sharing.
    PS. Thanks also for your stand against Myspace. I think as time goes by, your points are being proven even by what the media relays about what occurs there. God bless!

  3. I have laid down one of my thoughts on this subject. Check it out if you got time.

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