One response to “Wayne Grudem Responds”

  1. hr says:

    Hey. I am also a writer. Not nearly as talented as you are, however. I just want to say: keep up the awesome stuff. There should really be more guys like you. Morally centered. Head on straight. I am a WELS Lutheran from Minnesota, and I’ve gained a lot from your site. I am not even kidding. There should be more guys like you!
    What are your political thoughts and ideas? Are you liberal, repulblican, libertarian, what? What do you think we should do when it comes to health care? Do you agree with Mrs. Clinton, the idea of socialized medicine? What are your opinions when it comes to government? Less government or pile on some more taxes? I realize that this site is not about politics. But it would be pretty cool to see some articles on the subject.
    I really admire your ambition to write- and to publish what you write. I aim to begin publishing myself. Perhaps I’ll start a blog. Thank you for the inspiration, and for, basically, being a great teen in a world of rebellion.

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