Whatever Life

Imagine being 17 and making $17,000 a month. Incredible story with so many twists.

My Story of Rebelution

This story of rebelution ties very closely to the previous story of family, church, and work. In many ways, this story of the past weaves in and out of that story of the present. Within this story though — hopefully not a boring, but rather an encouraging piece — you will see from the very beginning how God has allowed … Read More

Doing Hard Things In My Life

Do Hard Things. I’ve been completely taken by that statement, completely changed by that statement, completely revolutionized — no, I’ve been rebelutionized — by that statement. It has spurred on conferences, a book, hundreds of blogs, thousands of teens, hundreds of parents, and just one 17-year-old young man from the D.C. area. The question is, how can a simple statement … Read More

Blog Repentance

This past week I have been contemplating a great deal on the many things that I do in my life. I have schoolwork each day. I have a blog that has garnered a good amount of attention and popularity. I work almost 40 hours a week serving food, training employees, and ordering uniforms for over 50 people. I attend church … Read More

Challies Giveaway

While I’m neglecting the blog, I decided that I should at least allow you the benefit of receiving some free material. Although this giveaway isn’t from me, it’s from a fellow Tim, so it’s going to be close enough. So, when you travel to Tim Challies wonderful website, make sure you use this referral code: 10125. Hopefully you can win … Read More