Youth Groups

Well, we’ve been having a little discussion in the comment section of this post, and I wanted to bring your attention to this sermon from Dave Brewer. Hopefully, it gives you some insight. Actually, any of their Youth Sunday sermons are fantastic (especially last year’s.)

A Young Man Among Sharks: Teens In The Blogosphere

Not that long ago I was invited to write a chapter in a book on blogging. Sadly, this book didn’t quite make it through the process of being published. But it did deliver what I consider some great time for me to write and some great material in the process as I was forced to sit down and write about … Read More

Charles Spurgeon’s Sermons

Around Thanksgiving and Christmastime there is constantly good deals to be had. This year, there is one sale that just cannot be looked over — the esteemed collection Charles Spurgeon’s sermons, a 5-volume set, was recently being sold at $200. Today, they are now on sale at only $29.99. That is an incredible savings of $170, or 85%. I don’t … Read More