Jumping the Gun?

“I [Class C2]often read such blogs as The Rebelution and Agent Tim, and am inspired to ‘Do Hard Things’ as their motto states. I was however disappointed at their support of Mike Huckabee in the upcoming primary.”

Where did I say that I support Mike Huckabee? I don’t know that I’ve said anything about the election yet. Can someone quote me?

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  1. Brett Harris

    Well, the implication is that we somehow didn’t do our research before making our decision — which is not true. In fact, Alex and I have met many of the candidates personally (including Dr. Paul) and made our decision out of deep personal conviction.

    Tim, if you are still deciding on who to back, I hope we can have a chance to talk sometime. =)

    BTW, if anyone is interested to know why Alex and I don’t support Ron Paul they are welcome to email me: twinmomentum [at] gmail [dot] com, and I’ll send them a paper we wrote.

  2. Kierstyn

    *thinks* last time we talked about Presidential candidates was in January and we didn’t even mention Huckabee. I don’t remember you blogging about supporting him any time this year at all. :)

  3. Stephanie K.

    I think Alex and Brett have done their research, although I personally have come to different conclusions than them. As far as endorsements from you, I must have missed it too. :) As only a reader, all I can say is, I haven’t heard you say anything about the 2008 election (in the way of endorsements) on your blog.

  4. Dakota

    It seems that you have been grouped with other notable homeschool bloggers—congratulations in that case but I don’t believe you have discussed the upcoming election in any way—yet. 😉

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