Jumping the Gun?

“I [Class C2]often read such blogs as The Rebelution and Agent Tim, and am inspired to ‘Do Hard Things’ as their motto states. I was however disappointed at their support of Mike Huckabee in the upcoming primary.”

Where did I say that I support Mike Huckabee? I don’t know that I’ve said anything about the election yet. Can someone quote me?

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  1. Brett Harris says:

    Well, the implication is that we somehow didn’t do our research before making our decision — which is not true. In fact, Alex and I have met many of the candidates personally (including Dr. Paul) and made our decision out of deep personal conviction.

    Tim, if you are still deciding on who to back, I hope we can have a chance to talk sometime. =)

    BTW, if anyone is interested to know why Alex and I don’t support Ron Paul they are welcome to email me: twinmomentum [at] gmail [dot] com, and I’ll send them a paper we wrote.

  2. Kierstyn says:

    *thinks* last time we talked about Presidential candidates was in January and we didn’t even mention Huckabee. I don’t remember you blogging about supporting him any time this year at all. 🙂

  3. Stephanie K. says:

    I think Alex and Brett have done their research, although I personally have come to different conclusions than them. As far as endorsements from you, I must have missed it too. 🙂 As only a reader, all I can say is, I haven’t heard you say anything about the 2008 election (in the way of endorsements) on your blog.

  4. Dakota says:

    It seems that you have been grouped with other notable homeschool bloggers—congratulations in that case but I don’t believe you have discussed the upcoming election in any way—yet. 😉

  5. Yeah, looks kinda like someone assumed you were exactly like The Rebels, eh? Not a bad group to be associated with though..

  6. Tim says:

    A blessing in disguise, perhaps :-D. Maybe that should have been the title of this post!

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