You’re Kidding, Right?

I was thinking about just a few people I know whose lives didn’t seem to be going right. Two guys I know were just in a terrible car accident – but they’re alive, and doing remarkably well. Yet for the rest of their lives, they may carry many scars from that accident. I thought of some people I knew through … Read More

Kindling For A Fire

For some reason, I haven’t been able to figure out how to write about my experiences at Together for the Gospel. I can only speak them verbally. I gained so much, and with 17 free books in my possession (plus the others I bought), I’m continuing to learn. In those few days, I was impacted by how much I didn’t … Read More

Still Together

Well, at night I cannot log onto the internet in this hotel. I guess with 5000 men logging onto their Macbook Pros, it ties things up. So, I just wanted to drop you readers a note to let you know that I’m taking good notes, tons of pictures, and having a fantastic time. We’ve received so many free books – … Read More

T4G Opening Session

The sound of 5000 men singing hymns is astounding. It’s overwhelming. It’s powerful. It’s loud. It truly overcomes you as you see thousands of men worshiping the savior, celebrating the cross, and rejoicing in our salvation. Looking around, I am greatly encouraged. This day has been filled with so many experiences. Our group has seen God work in amazing ways, … Read More

This World Needs One Thing

“Can you spare a man 50 cents?” Well, we’re in Louisville. Here, together for the gospel, excited, and looking forward to great things yet to come. But we’ve been hit already by our host city. Just one walk down the streets shows someone the emptiness, the brokeness, and sin of a city – and of this world. It’s thrown in … Read More

Preachers Of The Cross

The dedication page of Preaching the Gospel reads: For the next generation of preachers of the cross. Not preachers of baptism. Not preachers of spiritual gifts. Not preachers of covenants. Not preachers of methods. Not preachers of non-essentials. Preachers of the cross. It’s not that baptism, spiritual gifts, or covenants are bad things. The point is that we should be … Read More

The Gospel Gripped My Heart

I didn’t realize it until the other night as I was preparing to write these essays over the next week or so. It was just as I drifting off to sleep, listening to Josh Harris speak about “humble orthodoxy.” Josh exhorted his congregation to make sure that their hearts had been truly “gripped by the gospel.” You can talk all … Read More