Kindling For A Fire


For some reason, I haven’t been able to figure out how to write about my experiences at Together for the Gospel. I can only speak them verbally. I gained so much, and with 17 free books in my possession (plus the others I bought), I’m continuing to learn. In those few days, I was impacted by how much I didn’t know. I realized that my grip on the gospel was loose – too loose. I learned the great importance of penal substitution, I was hit hard by my total depravity, I was challenged in the area of race, I was convicted of my lack of passion, and I was made aware of my sin of complaining.

I had planned on going over each sermon and talk and writing something on it. Instead of doing that, I just want to return to blogging as a person who has been changed and strengthened in his faith.

I want to encourage you to get a hold of a couple of the T4G talks, particularly R.C. Sproul’s and John MacArthur’s sermons. It doesn’t matter who you are – male, female, teen, adult, called to ministry in the church or called to ministry in the workplace, mom, dad, pastor, writer, or random person stumbling across this blog. I’m certain that I could receive some backup on that statement from many others, particularly one young guy who went with my group last week after an original member couldn’t attend. He told me he was a completely different person. His thinking had changed. A passion for learning was lit in his heart.

I have that same desire for everyone who reads this blog now. I want the gospel to be clearly proclaimed. I want people to have a fire lit in their hearts. My desire is that God can work in you to create kindling that His Holy Spirit can light aflame.

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  1. Nicole T. says:

    I’ll be praying that happens with this blog. And that God will give you the words to write which He can use to burn His Truths upon our hearts and set us ablaze with His Passion to shine His Light even in the blackest darkness.
    May God make this blog such a place of quickening that people cannot leave here unchanged, uninspired, or unconvicted.
    May all who come to this blog know the witness of the Holy Spirit on their hearts confirming all Truth that you write and every Call of His upon their lives.
    And may you know the Power of His Resurrection within you, through you, overruling all power and strength and man-conceived ideas.
    May He quicken you and set you aflame and seal you unto Himself and His Calling on your life in such a way that you will never be the same, never be able to return to the ways of this world or the powers of the flesh, and never be ruled by another. May you find full assurance on Him alone for all you need, may you learn to abide in Him and do so with abandonment of all that would compromise your rest in Him, and may you know without a doubt every word He wills you to write, every prayer He desires that you pray, and every action you must take to shoulder the Cross, walk in His Ways, and bear the marks of the Victory He won. And may you do so with all your heart.

    God bless you, Tim!

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