The Foolishness of the World

Is the cross truly the center of our lives? It’s a question I have been wrestling with ever since I began to study 1 Corinthians. From the very beginning, as Paul addresses the church of Corinth, strikingly similar to the “church of America,” we see his emphasis on one thing — the cross. The Corinthians had been filled with pride, … Read More

Book Giveaway

Beauty From the Heart is giving away my favorite book.

Jack Lucas’s Last Battle

From the FRC email June 6th. For those who have read Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper, the following news is of great importance. One of America’s greatest stories came to an end yesterday as Jack Lucas, the youngest Marine to be awarded the Medal of Honor, died of cancer. After forging his mother’s signature so he could enlist … Read More

It Went Down, Then Rose Again

Nothing is essential until you get it and then don’t have it. — Jake Smith Well, the blog has risen from the dead database crash zone, where for some odd reason blogs and websites may suddenly disappear into the unknown due to the dropping of hostname for a database. Basically, what we did was to simply assign my DB to … Read More