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I think we’ve all done it. We’re sitting at some conference and we’re not thinking about one word that is being spoken or sung. Instead, we’re wrapped up in being that person on stage. Oh, if only I were him. If only I were her. That would be so awesome. So…cool. And then we decide to throw in the spiritual application just to make it sound better. What a great opportunity to serve the Lord!

Yeah right.

Many young Christians long for Christian “stardom,” desiring to do “big things” for God, and are often in sin when pride is the catalyst for the desire within them to be on that stage, literal or figurative.

I am continually discouraged by doing my “small things.“ I am constantly wishing that I was an intern for a Supreme Court Justice or traveling around the country on a speaking tour. Sometimes in my pride I believe that I would give anything to struggle through the hard thing of getting a book published. In my mind, that’s a “big hard thing.” All my “small hard things” – well, they’re just that – small.

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  1. JosiahR says:

    Is this your post or did you take it from somewhere?

  2. Tim…I’ve never commented before, but I’ve been reading your blog for a long time. I first clicked over here after being impressed by a comment you left on the WorldMag blog several years ago. It was through your blog that I first found out about Alex and Brett’s blogs and I’ve kept up with the three of you since then.

    I have been so blessed by your depth and candid writing. You have a way of expressing very well what I think many of us feel and experience but don’t ever put in writing. I really appreciated this post in particular, but also wanted to let you know that you are making a bigger impact than you realize. You can’t go wrong when you immerse yourself daily in the Word of God and continue to humbly seek Him with your whole heart. God’s richest blessings to you!

  3. Agent Tim says:

    This is my article published in rMag.

    Thank you so much for your encouragement! I can’t agree more with you. You can’t go wrong when you immerse yourself daily in the Word of God and continue to humbly seek Him with your whole heart. Amen.

  4. Tim, as an author I know that writing a book is a series of small things — praying for direction, seeing a need, writing a thesis, creating an outline, writing a chapter, then another, writing a proposal, pitching it to an editor. . .

    That’s how the big things happen. I hope that every small thing you do — on this blog, in your daily life, in your impact on others — amounts to a big thing when God touches it.

    Suzanne Eller

  5. Bob Brennan, Jr. says:

    Tim, this is cousin Bob. I had heard a lot about your blog, but I’m not really into this mode of communication, so I hadn’t accessed it before yesterday. Yet I was intrigued by the Rebelution website as I began gearing up to lead my Christian school students for another year, and then I saw a link to your article about small people there, and now I am hooked! Keep up the good work!
    I know you are heading off to college, but I would be interested in having you come and speak in a Chapel here at the Lehigh Valley Christian High School in Allentown, PA. Our Chapels are on Wednesday mornings. Do you see any openings in your schedule where you might be free on a Wednesday? You could stay at our house for the night if that would help.
    Let me know.

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