Boundless Article: No Little People

No Little People

I feel small. No, not short. Small.

I scan the news and the campus and see people who are making an impact. They’re culture shifters, trendsetters, attention-getters. I notice them when they come into a room; we all want to meet them. My sinful inclination is to desire what those people have: a following, influence, impact.

But I’m small, and my impact, influence, and following seem insignificant.

It’s not that I yearn for the kind of fame here on earth that a politician or musician might get. I just want to be known as the guy who changed lives (thousands, preferably), who saved souls (again, thousands), or who started a revival in my country. I want to be a “big person.” I don’t want to be small and unused.

Sometimes, though, I wonder if I can do anything at all, much less change the world.

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11 responses to “Boundless Article: No Little People”

  1. Veronika says:

    It really was awesome, Tim. 🙂 Great work. (Step over to me blog for a shout-out, too. )

  2. JosiahR says:

    I feel small. And short. I am a failure!!! jk lol

  3. Hannah says:

    Good work, Tim. I think many will be able to relate with what you wrote. (Linked on BftH.)

  4. Nicole T. says:

    For a little person who only does small things… you sure get published a lot! Two articles in a row on webzines? Man, I don’t even have my own blog. Way to make the REAL little people feel REALLY little! I’m just teasing. =)

    I was just recently reading that Hudson Taylor really desired not fame or success, but that he would be useful wherever God placed him, whatever God gave him. As he traveled for many years throughout China, though, he learned something else. And it’s something I’ve learned recently, as well. Sometimes if we focus on our usefulness, we lose sight of what’s most important. And for me, it’s worse — sick days? I look at my usefulness and… well, I’m just not accomplishing a whole lot that even I could see. Are those days pointless? Not by any means should they be.

    Our highest calling, the reason we were created, is to LOVE God — to bring joy to the Heart that was pierced through out of Love for us. Donkeys, as we’ve seen in the Bible, can serve God’s purposes even by speaking what He desires. Flowers and mountains and all the natural world brings Him glory. But why did He create mankind? Why He die on the Cross? To embody His Love in the heart of His Bride — to Love and be Loved by one who would share His thoughts, His joy, His sorrow, His passion; one who would share in His dreams and work as One with Him to bring them about, and alike share with Him their successes and failures (due to the people’s responses to Love offered).

    Keep opening your heart to God — open it wide to receive and to give His Love freely. It’s not the success or the glory that decides the greatness of the call, it is the One who calls. And it’s not the size or the usefulness of the gift, but the heart of the giver, that touches our Loving Father’s Heart. He doesn’t look at the outside, He looks at the love behind it all deep down in your heart. Open your heart and eyes anew every day to His Love to you at the Cross — then keep your heart open to love Him BIG in return. Keep your eyes on His Face and watch for His Smile. Thousands smiling over and applauding your greatest ambition accomplished could not compare.

    Then — and this is most glorious — the only thought on your mind will not be “I am big” or “I am small” or “I am stuck” or “I am useful,” but rather, “I am Embraced!” Then, and only then, is the greatest good accomplished; for then, and only then, is His Heart most touched with the JOY of being loved by one who belongs solely to Him as His Bride.

  5. Excellent job Tim 🙂

  6. JosiahR says:

    You should post more often!

  7. Sophie :) says:

    I’m new to your website, i found out about you through the Rebelution 🙂
    This was amazing!! I saw this post on The Rebelution and I liked it so much that I gave it to my dad to read and he enjoyed it so much!! Thanks for such great posts!! You can be sure I’ll be back one your website! God Bless!! 🙂

  8. Danika says:

    I love the reminders that the reason I was created was to bring glory to Him. How often I forget and think it is all about me! 🙂

  9. Hannah T. says:

    Excellent post! I found it through the Rebelution blog! Thank you for being a willing stick in God’s hands to be used by Him. This post was a very encouraging one, something I was needing! Thank you!

  10. Tim, thank you for this encouraging article! Made me smile, and think. Love the copy machine story….life can really feel that way sometimes, like you’re sitting there just feeding in the paper and not getting a whole lot to show for it. No little people – yeah. 🙂

  11. Julia says:

    Hey Tim,
    Great post!
    I found you through my friend’s blog who had a link to this article on Webzine.

    I also read about you on the Rebelution blog, and thought “He’s gotta be like 30 or something, he’s so smart” Nope! You’re only a year older than me! 😀 Keep up the great work. 🙂

    Julia from Julia’s Journal

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