Boundless Article: Running from the Edge

I used to think I lived my life on the edge — I’ve broken my wrist, fallen off a plastic car onto pavement and gotten stitches, gone to the hospital with a swollen appendix and hooked my dad’s finger while fishing.

I’ve had some close calls too — I’ve been stuck on way too many roller coasters, seen one too many robberies from the parking lot and have been in a restaurant where a car came crashing through the wall during lunch (seriously, I have).

It’s been interesting, exciting and really painful. Yet I have to sit back and laugh when I think about some people who do crazy things to themselves — like those crazy skydivers. At least I didn’t choose to be heading to the hospital — these guys risk skipping the hospital visit and creating an instant grave on impact. Most people may think skydiving is just plain suicidal, but I have to admit there’s just something about “living on the edge” that people love — and in the case of skydiving, jumping off the edge. Sometimes, I think I’d love to take the plunge.

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P.S. Just ignore the amazing article series by David Powlison. If you read him, you may not return to my article. Just warning you. (Okay, seriously. Please read his article series.)

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  1. Did I ever tell you that I’m hoping to hit jump school after Basic and AIT this Spring? Three weeks of learning how to jump out of a perfectly good plane, my friend 😉

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