Real Teen Faith: Abortion, A Teen Speaks

My latest article featured on Real Teen Faith: I stood on the Supreme Court steps in downtown Louisville at 12:02 PM shivering in the cold. All around me were people gathered around a huge statue at the foot of the steps. They were all listening to a speaker who stood at a black podium in between the huge columns at …

Life Is a Precious Thing

Join the virtual march in downtown Washington, D.C. . I’m headed off to a rally for life in Kentucky. Let’s pray the genocide will end as we work to protect life from conception to death.

What To Do With Israel

In light of today’s New York Times article titled “Israelis United on War as Censure Rises Abroad ” by Ethan Bronner, I was reminded of the helpful articles by Russel Moore on the topic of what in the world we are to do with Israel. How should intelligent Christians be responding to the happenings in the Middle East? Russel Moore …

I’m Cross-Eyed

As someone who has participated in starting a webzine (rMag and Virtue), I’m excited to announce Cross-Eyed Blog and Webzine. From their website: “The mission of Cross-Eyed Blog and Webzine is to encourage and build up our brothers and sisters in Christ through articles relevant to their daily lives and struggles. Through the written word we hope to impact Christians …

Happy New Year

I want to wish everyone a happy New Year. May we each grow closer to God this coming year, and may he be glorified in all that we do. It’s going to be an exciting new year. Welcome to 2009.