What To Do With Israel

In light of today’s New York Times article titled “Israelis United on War as Censure Rises Abroad ” by Ethan Bronner, I was reminded of the helpful articles by Russel Moore on the topic of what in the world we are to do with Israel. How should intelligent Christians be responding to the happenings in the Middle East?

Russel Moore asks the question we’re all asking: should we support Israel?.

Last week I stood over the Valley of Armageddon, with Israeli warjets flying overhead and the sound of the Muslim call to prayer humming all around from the loudspeakers attached to the mosques below. It was a sobering moment, more sobering even than the images of explosions in Gaza seen on television round the clock.

Israel is, as always it seems, at war. So should Christians pray especially for Israel, for the Jewish people?

He also has a wonderful article on whether or not Israel has a future.

Is there a future for Israel? Yes. Does this future mean material and political blessings? Yes. Does this future mean the granting of all the land promised to Abraham in Canaan? Yes, along with the entire rest of the cosmos (Rom 4:13). Does this promise apply to ethnic Jews? Yes, one ethnic Jew whose name is Jesus. Do Gentile believers share in this inheritance? Yes, if they are in Christ, one-flesh with him through faith (Eph 5:22-33), they receive the inheritance that belongs to him (Eph 1:11).

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