They Reverently Took Off Their Hats

I was on break, sitting in the corner of the restaurant I work at eating my dinner. The dining room was pretty empty – quiet, calm. I looked up to see a family walking in. Dad, Mom, and three boys. I chuckled to myself because they reminded me of ducks, all in height order. Dad, the tallest. Mom next, then … Read More

On Mission, Changing the World, and Not Being Able to Do It All

Kevin DeYoung has posted a most helpful and insightful article regarding an issue I see many Christians, both young and old, wrestling with. I understand there are lazy people out there (and believe me I can be lazy too sometimes). I understand there are lots of Christians in our churches sitting around doing nothing and they need to be challenged … Read More

Boundless Article: Speech Lessons

A few weeks ago I woke up early and went with some friends to a rougher side of my city, picking up trash and chatting with anyone who wanted to talk. It seems insignificant to be the nameless group of random college students picking up smashed water bottles, cigarette packages, empty vodka bottles and wet cardboard. But as I walked … Read More

Dying In Our Devotion

David Platt: SBC Pastors Conference 2009 from Todd Thomas on Vimeo. I just came back from a foreign country where I had the amazing opportunity to share the gospel with an unreached people group. I watched this video the other evening, and although it has been talked about quite a bit around the internet, I wanted to make sure that … Read More