A New Look

I felt that is is high time that I had a new look, even if the look lasts only a few days. There’s a lot of “bugs” hanging around, but that’s to be expected on any website that’s been through as many changes as this one has. But if you find anything major that is needing my attention, please comment here or contact me directly.

You’ll notice the front page proves to be a little more suited to my current writing style. It may change a bit in time, but I like the featured article idea more than the average blog idea that I’ve had for quite some time. We will see where it goes.

I’ve also put up a revised “about” page that will be altered in the near future, but if you want to read basically what I wrote about myself at age 15, you can click over there. You’ll also notice easier access to the archives, which I recommend you read, laugh at, and enjoy.

God Bless,
Tim Sweetman

Latest From Boundless: In Security

My latest from Boundless.org, “In Security.”:

I had a terrible nightmare last night. When I woke up, all I really remembered was that I had been horribly humiliated and embarrassed multiple times in the dream — and that in the end I had to frantically rescue family and friends from my house that was about to catch fire. It finally erupted with a huge explosion, and burned to the ground as I fell on my side and wept.

I woke up with tears in my eyes, so thankful it wasn’t real.

It was just a dream, but I know many people who seem to find themselves living in a reality that forces them to simply drop to their knees and weep. There is nowhere to turn. There seems to be nothing holding them any more. For them, the turmoil of my vivid dream is their vivid reality.

Why is a middle school kid named Tyler one day a healthy and happy kid, and the next day in the hospital, gasping for his next breath and finding out that he has cancer? Why does someone like my friend Matt pray and pray and pray, then lose his wife in the battle against cancer?

Why am I sometimes frozen by fear of the future, unable to make any decisions or trust God?

To the human eye, so much of this life does not make sense. It just seems to be full of confusion, uncertainty, and sin.

And you know what?

It is.

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Messiah Missions

My friends at Messiah Missions have published a special edition of my two part series on India. This special edition includes my two articles plus some further words from yours truly. Check them out!

There is something about sitting in a remote village on the other end of the world with beads of sweat dripping and burning my eyes, the dust kicking up off the fields, and the trickle of rainwater and sewage making its way through crooked alleys and cow-dung houses that are filled with peeping eyes and smiling faces. It’s an incredible experience to sit and talk so long on a bed made out of rope that your leg falls asleep and you take a tumble that allows the whole village to erupt in laughter as they forget their struggles and poverty for a fleeting moment.

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High Impact Conference

I had the absolutely wonderful privilege to speak at High Impact with my new friend Mark Lydecker from the North American Mission Board on the beautiful campus of Kansas State University. Shout out to Laura for letting me borrow her iron, Caleb for making sure I had a ride, and Heidi and Laura (the other Laura) for giving me a ride back to the airport. All in all, I had a wonderful time.

For those who attended, I promised some materials. First, if you click on this link, it will take you to the print out that I mentioned that gives you more resources.

A question was asked in regards to good technology blogs that are simple. You can always visit Engadget or Gizmodo to keep up on the latest technology. But that might be overwhelming (it is for me!). I did find Drew Goodmanson’s website to be helpful with merging ministry and technology. Worth a look. Other websites can be found in the material provided above. Feel free to find me via Facebook, Twitter, or email, and don’t hold back on any further questions you may have.

-Tim Sweetman