Latest From Boundless: In Security

My latest from, “In Security.”:

I had a terrible nightmare last night. When I woke up, all I really remembered was that I had been horribly humiliated and embarrassed multiple times in the dream — and that in the end I had to frantically rescue family and friends from my house that was about to catch fire. It finally erupted with a huge explosion, and burned to the ground as I fell on my side and wept.

I woke up with tears in my eyes, so thankful it wasn’t real.

It was just a dream, but I know many people who seem to find themselves living in a reality that forces them to simply drop to their knees and weep. There is nowhere to turn. There seems to be nothing holding them any more. For them, the turmoil of my vivid dream is their vivid reality.

Why is a middle school kid named Tyler one day a healthy and happy kid, and the next day in the hospital, gasping for his next breath and finding out that he has cancer? Why does someone like my friend Matt pray and pray and pray, then lose his wife in the battle against cancer?

Why am I sometimes frozen by fear of the future, unable to make any decisions or trust God?

To the human eye, so much of this life does not make sense. It just seems to be full of confusion, uncertainty, and sin.

And you know what?

It is.

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