Facebook Faceoff

I just had an article published in the Give Me An Answer Important conference material that it being given out to a few hundred students that are visiting the campus of Southern Seminary to hear speakers like J.D. Greear, Albert Mohler, and Russell Moore (along with Shane and Shane and FLAME). I am extremely excited about it, and honored to have contributed a little bit to the cause of helping students understand what is really important.

The conference theme reminded me of something I had written in the past that continues to convict me each and every time I read it. I was sitting in a coffee shop the other day chatting with a friend about how our technology is affecting our relationships (particularly those who are married). But I also wonder how it may be affecting our most important relationship, our relationship with God.

So I wrote this article about the importance of knowing God in an age of constant distraction, change, and confusion.

I couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking as he pulled out his iPhone and took advantage of a new Facebook application — right in the middle of the sermon.

It was then that I realized the narcissistic machine that is Facebook.

Shifting uncomfortably in my chair, I found myself desiring to do the same. I shuddered. Have I really come to this place where I’m more concerned about what’s taking place on Facebook than what’s going on in this church service? More concerned about a self-serving social networking site than this Bible on my lap?

Later on that evening, I thought more about my internal battle between Facebook and my Bible. I understand that one of my desires as a Christian should be to know God more deeply; the reality is that I spend very little time actually getting to know Him. Too often, my hours are spent pursuing other human beings through convenient electronic means like Facebook. My life can quickly become all about striving to know my buddies better than my Lord.

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Rob Bell, Love Wins.

Southern Seminary had a highly publicized panel discussion on Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins yesterday that you might consider taking a look at today.