Rob Bell, Love Wins.

Southern Seminary had a highly publicized panel discussion on Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins yesterday that you might consider taking a look at today.

3 responses to “Rob Bell, Love Wins.”

  1. P-J says:

    Oh dear, I really wonder if the speakers have truly read the book…oh dear oh dear. Their comments do not reflect what’s inside the book. Look again and read about how Rob Bell doesn’t miss the love of God and God’s displeasure at what sin does to us. Also…A panel without people from both sides…oh dear oh dear…seems to me the conversation was determined from the outset. I challenge them to include people from all sides.

  2. diana says:

    oh, dear, oh dear, Will christians please get back to reading the Word of God .instead of all these books with the next latest and greatest guru teachers of heresies [damnable] doctrines of devils.My goodness ,nothing Rob teaches LINES UP WITH THE WORD …OH DEAR, WAKE UP CHURCH………GET SOME DISCERNMENT…….You will see the fruit of this come out and it will be dark… it is time to get into your bible….your children are at stake….why do you think Jesus said there was great deception in the last days…and many false prophets……..Jesus talked about hell……judgment, eternal separation…….Rob makes God into his own image…….its not rocket science people…read your bibles……… once you are in hell there is no free pass to get will be too late to change then.Rob Bell is taking a path called the” broad road” where many be that go therein……….Jesus said ”narrow was the way , to eternal life and few be there that find it”.he will be held accountable for this broad road teaching that he takes many down..Can we say thankyou to Stephen Jones for passing this teaching to him many years ago???

  3. A good response from a Grand Rapids Cornerstone U seminary prof can be found in the book, Christ Alone…A Response to Rob Bell’s Love Wins. Dr Wittmer, a friend of Bell, lays out the problems found in Bell’s new Unitarian belief. The book is printed by Edenridge Press of Grand Rapids.

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