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The following video was a part of my past training at Chick-Fil-A, and to be honest, it discouraged me. I was discouraged because I saw a lost, hurting, and dying world and all that I had the opportunity to do was smile, sell chicken, and maybe make a friend. I am well aware that there is more opportunity for ministry than just that, but my time working in the family friendly quick-service restaurant propelled me to a greater passion to offer people more than just a smile and a chicken sandwich. I have the gospel that each of these people need so desperately in their lives.

What is your response to this video?

4 responses to “Every Life”

  1. I remember watching this video also. It is quite touching.

    I guess my response is the basically my outlook on life: talk to people, even if they are random strangers, and share Christ’s love with them in some small way. Be polite to every customer, and seek serve them as well as I know how. I guess the other thing is to listen to people – really listen, not just half-heartedly ask purposeless questions. If you listen carefully, you can hear the hurt and see the pain.

    Thanks for sharing, Tim.

  2. Great video and comment Tim but there is a very important message (a little off what you probably intended) in your observation which needs to be pointed out to church planters. Many church planters go to a city and rather than take the time to find financial backers they take a part-time job and use the “I can connect with the community better” line to support their poor efforts in fund-raising. What they fail to realize is that if they would take the time to raise their funds, they could stand or sit on the other side of the counter and effectively engage with the needs/hurts/desires, etc of people. Every minute they serve chicken or coffee is a moment/opportunity lost. You cannot engage with the needs of people if you are not available to them. Sorry to those who take offense to this but PT work to avoid fund-raising while in “ministry” is just a plain copout and a surefire way to prolong your initial church planting efforts.

    I should mention, I speak from having “been there” as I raised my funds for 4 1/2 years while doing international student outreach. NAMB has a fund-raising school that is a must for anyone needing to raise their own funds for ministry. Take the class, do your homework, work to find financial partners, and go engage full-time with people.

  3. Gods Jewel (Julie) says:

    Great video..
    to tell you the truth,,it made me cry..
    usually I never look around and wonder about people lives, but now I will be more careful of what I say..

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