Do We Go?

From FOX News:

“Their culture, and even their survival, is threatened by illegal fishing, hunting, logging and mining in the area, along with deforestation by farmers, missionary activity, and drug trafficking along Brazil’s borders,” Amorim said.

I’ve wondered before: should we, as Americans, contact and “disrupt” unreached tribes for the gospel? Will it ruin what they have and their existence? I believe the obvious answer is that we must – absolutely must – reach them at any cost. Certainly, we don’t want to take away their livelihood, or push American ways on them: but we must go and share the gospel with them. There is no other option for those we believe are facing the judgement of a righteous God, and have yet to hear the Good News.

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For A Lifetime

I wrote a short article for the blog Marry Well. If you could dedicate a blog post, it’d be to my grandparents and parents who have shown me what a lifetime of service and sacrifice means in a marriage. Thank you so much for your example. God has been so gracious.

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