Stop Reading Your Bible

My latest from Boundless is up today. It’s called “Stop Reading Your Bible.”: I have a dare. Stop reading your Bible. Just close it, stand up and embrace the desert. Feel the heat and touch the dry ground. Step on the rocks and thorns known as confusion and chaos. Or put on your brown boots and slosh through muddy streams … Read More

The Feeble Shadow

Nursing homes are never my favorite, with their drab colors and odd-smelling corridors, but when I went caroling recently, I found myself outside the circle of church members singing and instead glancing into a room of an elderly man who had just been given a Christmas card from one of our younger members. This is what I learned. ++++ I … Read More

How To Serve Your Church Staff

Whether you find yourself in a big church or a small church, Sunday mornings are hectic for every staff member. Here’s how to serve.