They Reverently Took Off Their Hats

I was on break, sitting in the corner of the restaurant I work at eating my dinner. The dining room was pretty empty – quiet, calm. I looked up to see a family walking in. Dad, Mom, and three boys. I chuckled to myself because they reminded me of ducks, all in height order. Dad, the tallest. Mom next, then … Read More

Latest Article: Dear Jason

My latest article is up at the Veritas Network, a fantastic resource that I’m humbled to have written for: Dear Jason… March 26, 2012— I was walking by the bridge the other night. Actually, I got engaged there just a few months ago. My fiancée sat on the same bench and looked out over the dark river and the city … Read More

Review: The Biblical Counseling Movement After Adams

I have about three articles in the latest issue of Towers Magazine, including an interview with Heath Lambert, author of The Biblical Counseling Movement After Adams. Below is the book review I penned as well: *** The Biblical Counseling Movement After Adams is not about counseling. It’s about ministry. Heath Lambert, professor of biblical counseling at Boyce College, takes on … Read More