Windows Down, Stars in the Sky

Windows down. Stars in the sky.  I find it incredible that those six words can affect my heart and soul so much. They fill my imagination with graduer. Something in me just wants to slip outside into the quiet, warm darkness. Pretend to be quiet as the car dings and my keys jingle. Then crank it up. Turn down the … Read More

The Blog on Kindle

I am proud to announce that this blog can be subscribed to via your Kindle. If you want to check it out, visit and subscribe.

New Article: Faithful to the End

My latest article from Boundless is now online: Sitting across the table from my 96-year-old great-grandmother is always a joy. It doesn’t take long to realize she was once a fiery redhead, even beneath the faded beauty. She smiles wide when I tell her that I’ve decided to be a pastor. I smile back. See, my great-grandma grew up in … Read More

Parental Amnesia

I would never claim to be an expert on parenting, but this blog post struck me as not only telling of many Christian parents, but us as human beings. C.S. Lewis, in his famous sermon “The Weight of Glory,” said ““There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal. Nations, cultures, arts, civilizations–these are mortal, and … Read More