Essential Books for High School (and College) Seniors

I have realized how vital books have been in my life, particularly in high school and then as I entered college. I was recently asked for some good books for the high school senior, and five books that have shaped my own thinking came to mind. Recommended Link: Get them cheap at Thriving At College by Alex Chediak I’ll … Read More

My Summer Reading List: 2012

I just graduated from the esteemed Boyce College, the undergraduate wing of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, so my “free” time seems to have exploded. There’s something special and important about picking up a few books and reading them for your own pleasure. Like some others in the blogosphere, I’m picking up a few specific books this summer and diving … Read More

Runners Will Stop Running

Runners always seem to run. But I guess I had never stopped to think that they slow down, walk, and even, well, stop moving. I find it odd to think that the sweat and grind that trot by me each day will come to a glorious, and hopefully, victorious end. Maybe a cool drink. A hot shower. A dog racing … Read More

No Little People: The Articles

For those who are interested, here is the short list of articles relating to the topic of “No Little People” that I’ve written over the past few years: No Little People: Faithfulness in Small Things Faithful to the End Running from the Edge Loser Christian In Security A Drive Across Kansas Five Lies About Faithfulness All Those Little Things First … Read More